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An update to earlier posts on the Electronic Theft Road just spoke to a service represenative from the Theft Road over a bill I just received I asked if I could receive the image of the plate that is alleged to have been used to travel the 407!GUESS WHAT THEY CAN'T PRODUCE THAT IMAGE"SURPRISE SURPRISE"WOULD THAT NOT BE LIKE A CREDIT CARD COMPANY DEMANDING PAYMENT FOR AN ALLEGED BILL AND NOT BEING ABLE TO PRODUCE SOME FORM OF PROOF YOU ACTUALY OWE THAT BILL?How many people just pay these bills to escape the harrassment of the 407,when the bill is not even theirs to begin with?One would be better off to let the 407 or their merry band of collection agencies(NOR-DON INCLUDED)to take them to small claims court and produce their proof you actualy used their highway.PRODUCE THE IMAGE OF THE PLATE # OR SHUT UP!WE CAN ALL THANK MIKE HARRIS AND THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY FOR THIS FIASCO.AND IF ONE LOOKS AT THE FRONT ROW OF STEPHEN HARPERS CAUCUS WE STILL HAVE ABOUT FOUR OF THEM STILL SERVING IN GOVERNMENT!!!


Please keep all the information handy. I'm in the process of working on a massive lawsuit against the 407etr. Maybe we can join together to finally end their racketeering. I've gone to the Ministry and the Premier and I'm starting to big inroads into their corrupt practices.

Mario said…
In 2001 the great etr 407 claimed by way of thier bill, that my car exited at one location of the 407.
I called and spoke with a person and informed them that I had no reason to exit at their purposed loccation. I asked for a photo to be sent to me as proof and they have not to this day.
And the interest is just unreal.
What can i do????
Thanks for you website, Jim.
Best of luck...
"count me in"
Jimmy said…
Same thing with me. Got a bill saying that I owe $26. No info what soever so i called and they say the bill is from a trip i took in 2003. I do not use 407 more a a handful of time a year and will not remember a trip 4 years ago. Chances of me not paying a bill for 4 years is pretty unlikely. (Wouldn't collecting company bug me to death on the phone?) They say they'll send me some proof that i made the trip but so far i've only received another bill (I think they charge 24% interest.) I have not use the 407 for a few months after the last time they mis-billed me and do not plan on using it in the future. I'm with you Randy count me in this lawsuit.
rox said…
It is disgusting how our government has allowed the 407ETR to bully us and threaten to deny us our license....I called there this morning and they refuse to review my bill with me and they said that all of the charges are valid (that's untrue) and they would send me a copy of my bills...How does that help? Apparently they give you 35 days to dispute but yet they will not review the information with you because they are thieves the Ontario government should be ashamed of themselves allowing a company that is based outside of Canada (not even a Canadian company)to harass their own citizens they way they do......It's the priciple for me they don't want to review and I refuse to pay I don't pay for anything that I cannot justify but they are a much bigger company and unfortunately we do not have protection. Canadian Bonded Credit (another disgusting company)contacted a company I no longer work for yesterday they should not be allowed to do this. I need a lawyer!! HELP!
jebdoe said…
june 2008 i paid an 850.00 bill which was not incured by me, 650.00 of the bill was interest. paid in full at the mto where they were instructed not to release my plates until paid, fine got screwed by one thief now i'm dealing with the mob. less than one week later i get a bill for an outstanding 18.00, i'm feeling extorted and helpless at putting a stop to these thugs our government is giving the goahead to. this is extreme mental cruelty is there anything that can be done
marilyn said…
I to have been fighting with the 407 etr for over 3 years now. I have never used the 407 and never will, but in 2007 it cost me over 700. to get my sticker from the MTO. 2008 I had to pay almost 500. to get my sticker. Now from Jan-Aug they say I owe 898.00 from as far back as 1999. When i spoke to them they gave me no information at all. I have since been to see a lawyer, I am tried of paying someone else,s bills. but right now I have no choice I need my vechile to get to and from work during the day and in the evening I really need my vechile to do my home care. So if you have any advise for me I would greatly appreciate it

Frustated Marilyn
Kimberly said…
The bill I just got was for $911 from 9 to 11 years ago. I asked them to send me proff of this which they could not. As of Feb 25/09 I received a registered letter that I can no longer renew my plates this year on my birthday.This is really crazy and nor can I afford to pay this. In the past I have had 407 bills which I have paid but I can't remember this at all. The ministry of transportation also went along with this with no proff of it ever being me to begin with. How nice is that.
jcoultis said…
Does anyone know of any open class action lawsuits that I can join in on against the 407etr racketeering. The Ontario ombudsperson is a joke as they collect a fee each time and don't actually review your case. This is just to create the illusion that Ontario is protecting consumers when in fact it continues, unhindered and aided by the Province. I have paid their fictitious fees repeatedly over 2 1/2 years but enough is enough, i keep getting more fees on fees and it is clear it will never end and each time they send to Plate Denial, enforced by the Province.
tammyflores91 said…
Hi! My name is Tammy Flores and I am posting everywhere I see people complaining about the 407 ETR. We need to ban together. I have found several blogs/facebook pages and I am asking everyone to join "Stop the 407 ETR's Abuse of Power" Facebook Group. Together we can absolutely make the government at least put the burden of proof onto the 407 if they make a claim to deny your plate. Please join me. I want to plan an event and need as many people as possible.
Johnny said…
I got a transponder back in 2005. I used the 407 everyday tow ways a day, for five weeks in the fall of 2005. Then just occaisionally. They would send me a bill and I would pay it. Little did I know, there were two accounts, one associated with the transponder and one not. For 18 months I was getting one bill. Then 407 sent me a bill for over $1500 dollars. I don't think I used the service to that extent and if I had recieved one bill for a few hundred dollars I would have NOT USED IT AT ALL. No matter what I tell them, they persist with this bill that increased to $2600. I called and spoke with them and in good faith paid $1600 and asked them to call it a day or face a lawsuit. As of April 2009, I am unable to renew my plate sticker. Anyone know a good lawyer for this matter?
Eric said…
Johnny, the same thing is happening to me. They have opend a 2nd account and let me continue paying my first account. Now they are telling me I owe $400! And I am in plate denial.
What have you been able to do so far. I could really use some help from anyone who know how to deal with this!!

Johnny said…
I was unable to find a lawyer or paralegal to take up the cause and I am far too busy. I have received 3 tickets for $110. each for the expired plate sticker.

I recently bought a sea doo on a trailer and when I went to the license office, I had to pay around$1000 to the 407 if I wanted my sea doo trailer licensed.

I have paid $3000.+ to use it 40 or 50 times in 5 years.

It's a racket. They charged me a few hundred dollars and did not send me a bill for almost 2 years but, in the mean time a second bill was arriving that I was paying. By the time I got the other bill, they had charged $1000 interest and I don't think this is in the spirit of the design that precludes 407 from taking their deliquent debtors to court like the rest of us have to. Instead they just get to strangle your licence plate automatically.

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